Monday, 31 January 2011

Are We Equal?

As you may have heard Sky Sports pundit Andy Gray has been fired following comments aired on Saturday’s Liverpool/Wolves game. During this game Gray made a comment regarding a female official’s ability to judge the game. Gray was then offiically dismissed after the release of off-air studio footage showing Gray and colleague Richard Keys directing inappropriate behavior towards a female colleague.

The interesting aspect of this story is that all comments that lead to Gray’s dismissal were made off-air and were published by a Sky source with the intend of damaging his reputation. A spokesmen for Sky stated that Gray had been dismissed for ‘unacceptable and offensive behavior’ but they were still looking into the source of the leaks.

Factions opposing the fairness of the dismissal believe that Gray had no malicious intend and the comments were simply light-hearted banter between colleagues. Many people have also stated that this does not bide by equal rights as panelist on popular ITV show ‘Loose Women’ often make unnecessary sexist remarks with no repercussions.

Lorraine Deschamps, an ambassador for the FA feels as though more women should be involved in modern football and that “…their [Andy Gray & Richard Keys] anachronistic views have only served to highlight the change”.

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